The main Texas Inventionworks facility is located on Floors 0 and 1 (see rooms below) in the National Instruments Student Project Center inside the Engineering Education and Research Center at 2501 Speedway. The centerpiece of the building, the NI Student Project Center offers students 23,000 square feet of makerspaces for designing and building everything from solar cars and satellites to robots and biomedical sensors.

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Floor 0

texas inventionworks floor 0

The Garage — EER 0.618
Work with Staff, Tool Training and Usage, Tool Checkout, Supplies, Material Purchasing, Internal Projects

Digital Fabrication (DFAB) — EER 0.602 A-D
Various types of 3D printers, a vinyl cutter and sewing machines

Laser Lab — EER 0.602 E-F
Laser cutters for certain wood and plastic materials

Machine Shop — EER 0.608
Milling Machines and Lathes for working with metals and plastics

CNC Lab — EER 0.610
Computer-controlled milling machines

Additive Manufacturing - EER 0.612
Power-based selective laser sintering (SLS) machines

Machine Infirmary and Thermal Processing — EER 0.614
Where we fix our machines and have various ovens and environmental chambers

Floor 1

texas inventionworks floor 1

Headquarters (HQ) — EER 1.610
Team collaboration, open work tabless

Robotics and Automation (R&A) — EER 1.622
Robotic machine development and testing, control systems deployment

SIDI — EER 1.624
Sensors,internet of things, data acquisition, integration

Electronics 1 (E1) — EER 1.626
Circuit analysis, circuit development, breadboard prototypes

Electronics 2 (E2) — EER 1.628
Advanced circuit analysis, system prototyping, manual PCB assembly and testing

MeTeRE — EER 1.630
Metrology, testing and reverse engineering

Idea Lab — EER 1.632
Idea generation, early-stage design, low-res prototyping, special events