The New Catalyst for Innovation in Engineering

Texas Inventionworks puts students in the role of innovators early by providing a welcoming, systematic pathway for them to learn, solve problems, develop products and, ultimately, launch ventures. We think of Texas Inventionworks as a "skunk works" for engineering and engineering education — a program that teaches research and development for projects executed by small, collaborative teams for the purpose of innovation.

We facilitate and connect two journeys:

Get insight → Ideas ...      → Innovation

Step up → Tinkerer ...      → Innovator

To do this, we challenge students to think like designers, engineers and inventors from the beginning. We reinforce the belief that they are engineers from day one, from the moment they step foot on the Forty Acres. Our mission is to be the center of an engineering community of practice and an innovation commons for The University of Texas at Austin. Our vision is that every Texas Engineering student becomes an exceptional engineer, a leader and team player, a mentor, an innovator and a global citizen who is never finished learning.

Texas Inventionworks evolved from the Cockrell School of Engineering's Longhorn Maker Studio, the school’s first makerspace and open prototyping lab that opened in the basement of the Engineering Teaching Center in 2014. What began in that single, 1,700-square-foot lab has grown into an expansive, multifaceted program with a focus on six interconnected initiatives: a curriculum lab for professors; education in design, fabrication and innovation; an innovation accelerator; student access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment; research partnerships; and engagement with industry. The program is now headquartered in the National Instruments Student Project Center, right in the heart of the new Engineering Education and Research Center (EER).

Texas Inventionworks is open to all Cockrell School students and faculty members and to various multidisciplinary courses and projects across the UT campus. Program facilities and equipment are free to use for members. We require members to go through trainings for various labs and machines and sign our Membership Promise. For more information, learn about our Culture and Community and connect with us.

About the Director

Scott Evans has worn many hats in his career: mechanical engineer, materials scientist, R&D director, entrepreneur, consultant and teacher. Each of these experiences provides a unique perspective in his position as director of Texas Inventionworks.

Evans received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the Cockrell School in 2005. As the  leader of one of the most innovative spaces on campus, Evans is enthusiastic about interdisciplinary opportunities, research, commercialization and challenging students to realize their potential, in part by building prototypes early.